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Isaiah Persons, Alaska Cannabis Exchange, dispensary near me

Aaron Ralph

Founder / Owner

California born and raised in hippie culture by parents who favored adventure and experiences over materialism, and a mother who was a wildlife & nature photographer. In 1975 his parents sold their home and purchased a travel trailer with the goal of living off the grid and the ability to move with a moment’s notice. By the time Aaron was 12, they had visited all lower 48 states and their national parks at least twice. Being avid backpackers, the family set out one summer to complete the Susquehanna Trail System through the Appalachian Mountains. At the ages of seven and five years old, respectively, Aaron and his sister remain the youngest documented male and female to have completed that adventure. Having experienced all of the connected 48 states, and a month-long trip to Hawaii, his parents made the decision to travel to Alaska in the spring of 1984. Although the trip was only scheduled for four months, it became clear that this would become their new home, and Aaron has resided here ever since. He has raised two sons: Jayce, 30; and Noah, 24; both lifelong Alaskans. Over the past 18 years Aaron has advocated for cannabis reform (both hemp and marijuana). He has extensive knowledge of, and a deep passion for, the therapeutic and medicinal properties known to exist within cannabis; and has shared that knowledge with countless individuals worldwide, including public officials (in Alaska and across the entire US), medical professionals, and anyone else who showed an interest. In 2015 Aaron was convinced to start a cannabis business here in
Alaska by his best friend, Geneva Cowen. The Alaska Cannabis Exchange - aka ACE - was founded and brought to life, bringing Alaska’s first hemp-derived CBD products to consumers. The hesitancy of legislators and other officials to adapt to the legality of cannabis has caused many roadblocks along the way; and the tragic loss of our beloved Geneva in December of 2020 was a crushing blow, only seven months after opening the brick and mortar store. Although moving forward without her was difficult, ACE has prevailed and grown into the respectable establishment it is today.

Tanner Hill Alaska Cannabis Exchange, Dispensaries near me

Tanner Hill

Tanner is a born and raised Alaskan. She gets very excited about anything powersports related, but her focus changed when her family decided to open ACE. She absolutely loves helping people and working in this company puts her in a place to help in a way that lines up with her passions. Her favorite ACE strain is Indiana Moonshine Bubblegum for its soothing and pain relieving properties.

Chris Dipictro Alaska Cannabis Exchange, Dispensary near me

Chris Depietro


Our #3 budtenders in the state in last year’s Alaska Press Picks! Chris was born in Marietta, Georgia but moved to Anchorage in 1974 where he was raised by wolves. He attended West Service and Bartlett High Schools back in the days before the internet and legal weed, and he is the proud father of a 20 year old son in his junior year of college. His favorite ACE strain is Purple Punch, and aside from enjoying our products (a LOT) Chris is passionate about almost any sport, and in particular likes to golf, fish, and coach Little League baseball in the summer.

Michael Gould Alaska Cannabis Exchange

Mike Gould

Inventory Manager

Mike is ACE’s retail inventory manager, so he personally picks out all the fun strains, pieces, and merch you can find in our store. On his off time, he likes to blaze it up while gaming on his custom PC (gamer tag RageCityTV) and browsing the dankest of memes. He firmly believes that the best strain for gaming and dank memes is ACE’s Bear Berry indica.

Caden Maloney, Alaska Cannabis Exchange, dispensary near me

Caden Maloney

Caden has been kickin’ it around Anchorage for 23 years now and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. He enjoys sparking fat doobs of ACE’S Purple Punch (it rolls the yummiest blunts), listening to music at full blast, playing all kinds of sports, and PC gaming with his friends. His proudest achievement is being the only 6th grade student council president to ever be impeached.

Dalton Anderson Alaska Cannabis Exchange, Dispensary near me

Dalton Anderson

Hailing from Anchorage, Dalton is always looking for new strains of weed to experiment with. He loves all kinds of music and is always spinning a cool playlist when he’s behind the counter at our store. Of our ACE strains, his personal favorite is the Molokai Killaz for its relaxing, creative, euphoric high that can be enjoyed day and night. In his free time he likes to longboard around town, spend time with his family and go on adventures with friends.

Cody Alaska Cannabis Exchange, dispensary near me

Cody Cuffman

Inventory Manager

Cody grew up in Chugiak, Alaska but now he calls Anchorage home. He likes playing and coaching baseball, frolfing, and hanging out in the sun with his girlfriend and their 4-legged son, Milo. His favorite strain that we cultivate here at ACE is Purple Punch for its bakery smell, sugary buds and consistent high.

Jeramy Beltz Alaska Cannabis Exchange, dispensary near me

Jeramy Beltz

With deep family roots in Alaska, Jeramy spent his years exploring the awesomeness of this state. After graduating from East Anchorage High School he set out to experience the world! During his myriad adventures Jeramy worked at various farms and odd jobs, but after 7 years he decided to come home to be closer to his family and the great state he missed so dearly. When Jeramy got the opportunity to become the Cultivation Manager for ACE he saw an opportunity to help bring beautiful, hand grown cannabis products to Alaska. Since then, Jeramy’s role has expanded to include running the marketing and events for ACE - he is dedicated to bringing together the community and educating Alaskans on cannabis and his beliefs in its effects. When he isnt working he is enjoying concerts, gardening, camping, or cooking for his wonderful partner and hedgehog Quilly Joel Idol. His favorite strains from ACE are Indiana Moonshine Bubblegum for the day time and Extreme Cream for a good night's rest.

Lorina Alailefuteula Alaska Cannabis Exchange, dispensary near me

Lorina Alailefuteula

A hard-working business woman that always tries to bring a little spunk and fun into whatever she’s doing to drive a positive and inviting work environment for her team and guests at ACE. She loves all things that sparkle and shine, sunbathing on sunny days, dancing when the beat drops, a good meal with friends and family, painting, traveling, a good belly laugh, and cheering at sporting events. She’s a devoted wife and mother of three + one fur baby - family means everything to her! ACE is an extension of her family and a feel-good place that enriches her life with knowledge, relationships, and beneficial cannabis. Her personal go-to products are our CBD tincture as well as our Indiana Moonshine Bubblegum and Molokai Killaz flower. She finds that all benefit her mind and body with relaxing, calming, euphoric, focusing, and healing effects. Sparking up a joint and kicking up her feet after a full day and reflecting on all that was brought her way is a nice way to decompress and be thankful that we did the dang thang!

Michael Ottaviano Alaska Cannabis Exchange, dispensary near me

Mike Ottaviano

Mike is very glad to be part of the ACE team! He’s been with the company since early 2021 and loves his job and the people he works with. He originally hails from Rhode Island, but his journey from the littlest state to the biggest has taken him through Washington, D.C. and Brooklyn, NY among other places. He formerly made his living as bartender and musician, and the more relaxed pace of the cannabis industry is a welcome change. Of the strains we grow at ACE, his personal favorites are the Indiana Moonshine Bubblegum and Dump Truck Blue Dream. He enjoys playing music recreationally, getting good exercise, and exploring Alaska’s natural beauty.

Caden Maloney Alaska Cannabis Exchange, dispensary near me

Terri Penn

Isaiah Persons, Alaska Cannabis Exchange, dispensary near me

Isaiah Persons

Isaiah, or “Izzy” as he’s known around the shop, has been with ACE for about two years. He generally prefers sativa strains of flower. Outside of work he loves to cook, play PC, and make art. He’s proud of his Cajun/Italian heritage, and chances are you can find him at F Street Station on any given day so say hi if you do!